Laser & Body Contouring

If you do not see your desired appointment time, please email info@relaxcville or call/text us at 434-242-2524 as the computer is not flexible like we are! We will add you to the waitlist or accommodate you as best as we can. 

Cutera truSculpt iD


The revolutionary, non-invasive, monopolar RF body sculpting platform offers a personalized solution with an optimal experience and proven results in as little as one 15-minute hands-free treatment.

Abdominal Lipolysis, Abdominal & flank circumference reduction, deep dermal heating.

This technology is clinically proven to provide an average of 24% fat reduction and tailors to patients’ individual needs.

First Area $2000

Second Area $1700 *performed the same day

Third Area $1600 *performed the same day


Brazilian $200 (package of 6 $1000)… Bikini $125 (package of 6 $625)… Full Legs $375 (package of 6 $2250)… Half Legs $225 (package of 6 $1125) Full Legs & Brazilian $525 (package of 6 $2625)… Full Legs & Bikini $450 (package of 6 $2250)… Underarms $115 (package of 6 $575)… Half Back $175 (package of 6 $875)… Full Back $275 (package of 6 $1375)… Chest $175 (package of 6 $875)

*All packages are 6 treatments for the price of 5

**If your area isn’t listed, please contact us or purchase a Gift Certificate for the price of 5 treatments. 


Laser Genesis:

Our most popular service is Laser Genesis which heats the upper dermis, found underneath the skin surface. The heat from the laser promotes collagen remodeling, stimulation and growth under the skin causing your skin to rejuvenate.

Quick, safe, no downtime, non invasive (no peeling), and it’s RELAXING! 

Laser Genesis can be used to treat many issues including: facial redness, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, smooth texture, acne scars and Rosacea.

The heat from the laser will kill bacteria within the skin which helps treat active acne and prevent any future breakouts. 


Full face single…$300/package of 6…$1500

Face and neck single…$450/package of 6…$2250

Laser Genesis Deluxe Facial...$275


LimeLight (IPL):

Full Face…$400/package of 3…$1050

Chest…$400/package of 3…$1050

Hands…$300/package of 3...400/add to another area...$100/package of 3...$200

Scar Rejuvenation:

Starting at $200. Please call the spa prior to booking. 

secret rf 1.jpg
secret 2.jpg

Cutera Secret RF Microneedling


Secret RF is a radio frequency (RF) fractional microneedling system that helps you deliver tailored energy to improve fine lines, wrinkles, and scars from the inside out.

Your treatment will begin with 30 minutes of topical numbing during which time you can nap with dimmed lights, work on emails or read a book. 

Patients may notice a warm sensation and a pricking or scraping feeling during this treatment, but it is not typically painful. Following Secret RF microneedling, it is normal to have some level of redness similar to a suburn, but this resolves in 24 hours usually. 

Full Face: $550 series of 3 $1500

Face & Neck: $700 series of 3 $1900

Face, Neck & Chest $1000 series of 3 $2800

Stomach $800 series of 3 $2200

*Please contact the spa for knees, legs, arms and other body areas. 

*Performed under the supervision of the Medical Director. Medical consult performed before treatment.